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choose change

Choosing to change

choose changeI’ve worked with business coaches to help me grow my business, life coaches to help me get out of my own way, diet gurus to help with meal planning and trainers to help me with my fitness. I’ve attended untold number of seminars and workshops on growing my business. And after all this, it feels that little has changed.

It’s not like I haven’t made any progress. It’s just that I’m not where I want to be or think I should be by now. I haven’t made the big, bold, in-your-face changes that would propel me to the next level.

You know, I thought I was good at change. Really, what’s the big deal? After all, I moved 2500 miles away from the people and places I knew to a place where I didn’t know a soul. I put myself into a situation where I had to make my business work because there was little to no opportunity for full-time employment. And I did it easily (at least that’s how I remember it!). So change is easy, right?



What does it mean to be creative?

creativeI received an email the other day, addressed to the creatives in the group. My immediate reaction? “Well, that doesn’t include me.” I’ve never considered myself to be creative. But it made me stop to think, what does that really mean?

Sure, someone who paints mesmerizing landscapes or composes beautiful melodies, they’re creative. The person who designs websites and brochures, banners and business cards, they’re creative. Interior decorators and landscape architects are creative. Innovators and inventors are creative.


Virtual Assistant Interview Questions

7 Questions to ask Your Prospective Virtual Assistant…

Virtual Assistant Interview QuestionsSo, you’re looking to bring a Virtual Assistant on board? I think that’s great! Because it means two things … Your business is growing. And you understand that getting help will accelerate your growth.

To help make this process as smooth as possible, I’ve provided a list of questions that you’ll want to ask your prospective Virtual Assistant.